Ms R is a single woman who left her home and belongings in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Because of the additional expenses incurred from storm damage and relocating, her credit suffered. She heard an advertisement on the radio about our program and attended one of our seminars. She enrolled in the program in January with a credit score of 563. She followed our recommendations and by April her score had increased 70 points to a 633. She closed on her home purchase in May and became a homeowner once again. . 

Ms R’s Story
Memphis, TN

 Mr H is a 44 year old sales representative. His wife, Mrs H, is a 33 year old retail manager. Neither of them have owned a home before but wanted to purchase. Mr H had a good credit history and a 690 score but Mrs H had never established any credit and had no scores. She had tried several times to open credit accounts but was turned down due to her lack of credit history. They spoke to a realtor who referred them to our program in June. We enrolled her in the program and by August, she had established credit thru the program and her scores were high enough to make her eligible for financing. They closed on their home at the end of September. 

Mr & Mrs H’s Story
Collierville, TN

 Dr P is an emergency room physician. He relocated to Memphis from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When he made the decision to relocate, he was prequalified by a local bank to build a custom home valued at over $700,000. As the home neared completion, the bank re-pulled his credit to update their file for closing. They discovered that several bills had been overlooked during his move and were reporting 30 days late on his credit. His score had dropped to a 580 and he was turned down by the bank for financing. His builder referred him to our program. He enrolled, followed our advice quickly and within TEN DAYS his score was back up to a 688 and he was able to close on his home on schedule. 

Dr P’s Story
Germantown, TN

 Mrs C is the Director of Nursing for a health & rehabilitation facility. She tried to get prequalified to purchase a home but was disappointed to find that her credit score was a 526. The listing agent referred her to our program. She enrolled in the program in May. By October, her score was up to a 629. She wrote an offer and was in her new home for Thanksgiving! 

Mrs C’s Story
Collierville, TN

 Ms W is a 20 year old customer service representative. She had been prequalified through a local lender who had presented her with a subprime adjustable rate loan program with a high rate. This made her unable to qualify for the home she wanted. Her agent referred her to us to see if we could help. We found that she was only a few points shy of being able to qualify for a fixed rate conforming loan at a much lower rate. She followed our advice and her score increased. She was able to qualify for a program at a rate that was over 4% lower than what she was originally quoted. That lowered her payment enough so that she was able to qualify for the home she wanted. She closed on her home and continued to work on her credit. She has since contacted her agent about purchasing an investment property. 

Ms W’s Story
Memphis, TN

 Mr M is a security officer at a local university. He is a veteran of the US Military and is eligibile for special financing terms offered by the Veterans Administration. Mrs M had a good credit score but Mr M knew that his score was too low to qualify for mortgage financing. They heard about our program on the radio and enrolled in the program in June. By November, his score was high enough to qualify for VA financing. They wrote a contract and celebrated Christmas in their new home. 

Mr & Mrs M’s Story
Memphis, TN