BenchMark Credit Score is a program developed by Weichert Realtors BenchMark & BenchMark Mortgage to assist those people who have the desire and financial ability to purchase a home but cannot do so due to their credit scores.

BenchMark Credit Score focuses on four key components:


We begin with Credit education. Once you understand the credit scoring system, you can work within the parameters of that system and will develop good payment habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.


We have software programs which will accurately predict what your scores will be in one month, six months or one year. Additionally we can simulate the effect that certain actions such as removing a collection item or paying a past due account will have on your score. We can also tell you the optimum balance for all of your accounts to maximize your credit scores.


Performance is where you must participate. We will put together an action plan which may include paying down balances, or opening new accounts to get your scores to the highest possible level.


Monitoring results is the final component. We will follow up with you regularly to ensure that you are performing as advised and seeing results as expected.